Clear Water Pumps 4''Clear Water Pumps 4''

Highly effective mechanical seal made with special carbon ceramics provides extra durability. Entire unit is protected by sturdy rolloverpipe frame. Strong and lightweight die-cast aluminium pump.

• Sprinkling for field irrigation
• Irrigation of paddy fields
• Orchard cultivation
• Pumping water from wells
• Feeding or draining water to/from ponds or troughs
• Feeding or draining water on fish farms
• Washing cattle, barns or agricultural tools
• Feeding water into water reservoirs

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  • KOSHIN SEH-100X Clear Water Pump
    Weight (kg) 59
    Connection Dia (mm) 100
    Delivery Volume (L/min) 1450
    Total Head (m) 28
    Exhaust Volume (ccm) 242
    Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 5.3
    Motortype Forced Air Cooling 4 Stroke Gasoline Engine
    Max. Output 5.3 kW (7.2 PS) / 3600 rpm
    Connection Thread Outer Pipe Thread
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