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KOSHIN SER-50EX High Pressure Pump

  • Self-priming hidels pump, forced air cooling 4-stroke gasoline engine from Robin (Subaru)

  • 5.1 kW / 7 hp, Max. 570 L / min, head max. 65 m

  • Suction max. 8m, tank capacity 6.1 L, approx 2hrs drive operation. 10min.

  • For domestic water applications with solid particles up to 3 mm

  • High pressure pump used for general irrigation and fire fighting


This High-pressure water pump from Koshin Ltd. is driven by a Robin (Subaru) EX27 gasoline engine. The unit has an oil level sensor and is protected by a sturdy rollover pipe frame. Outstanding performance (max. 65m total head or max. 570 L/min delivery volume) is available through 2.5" inlet and 2" outlet. Due to the high discharge pressure, this pump is ideal for sprinkler systems, fire fighting or irrigation plantation suitable.

Technical Specifications
Weight (kg)
Connection Dia (mm)
Delivery Volume (L/min)
Total Head (m)
Exhaust Volume (ccm)
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)
Robin EX27
Forced Air Cooling 4 Stroke Gasoline Engine
Max. Output
6.6 kW (9 PS) / 4000 rpm
Connection Thread
Outer Pipe Thread
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