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KOSHIN KTR-100EX Trash Pump

  • Self-priming hidels pump, forced air cooling 4-stroke gasoline engine from Robin (Subaru)

  • 6.3 kW/ 8.5 hp, delivery volume 1530L/min, total head max. 27m, max suction head 8m

  • Spheroidal graphite iron casting for impeller and casing 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard FC or cast iron.

  • For trash water applications with solids up to 27mm

  • Silicon carbide mechanical seal: 4-5 times more durable than standard carbon-ceramic seal


The KTR-100EX is a high quality Japanese self-priming 4" pump for trash water with solids up to 27mm. This centrifugal pump is protected by a sturdy rollover steel frame with vibration isolators. KTR-100EX is equipped with a Robin (Subaru) EH40 engine. The delivery volume of this Japanese pump is maximum 1530 L/min, or a total head of up to 27m. The product has a 4" inlet and outlet, die-cast aluminium housing, rugged four-stroke engine, low oil alert, 7-liter fuel tank, engine tool, a filter, 2 hose couplings and three hose bands.

Technical Specifications
Weight (kg)
Connection Dia (mm)
Delivery Volume (L/min)
Total Head (m)
Exhaust Volume (ccm)
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)
Robin EH40
Forced Air Cooling 4 Stroke Gasoline Engine
Max. Output
7 kW (9.5 PS) / 3600 rpm
Connection Thread
Outer Pipe Thread
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